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The Power of RevOps in Sales Development

Rachel Haley and her firm, Clarus Designs, have made a big splash in the Sales Development community by focusing on a need most programs currently have: streamlining and connecting the various systems plugged in to support an SDR team.

The Art & Science Of Snowflake’s Sales Capacity

It's hard to take what looks like a perfect plan on paper and translate that to real life. It's even harder inside of a hypergrowth company. In this episode, we go inside one of the fastest growing companies out there: Snowflake.

CEO Adventures in Leadership

Rachel Haley, CEO of Clarus Designs, explains how to hire successfully in a rapidly-growing organization; why clear, focused communication leads to outstanding team performance; and how her company enables more women to have meaningful careers.

Bet On Yourself

It was great being a guest on The Inventive Journey podcast! I hope you all enjoy the episode, be sure to like and subscribe, and if you want to learn more about me and my journey, you can here:

Founder as Coach:

Rachel recently spent time as a mentor in Mexico City to help startups learn how to properly handle pricing and tackle other tricky aspects of sales strategy.

Process Development:

Co-founder Greg explains how to think through and update revenue processes. Have a listen to get a sense of the experience Clarus can leverage for your company.

Analytics Expertise:

Co-Founder Rachel on Tech It Up talks about SaaS Solutions and the importance of building systems before applying data analytics.

Get Better at Email

If your calendar is filled with invites like the one to the right, you need Greg’s insights on modern workplace communication. From managing remote teams, to actually having space on your calendar to do meaningful work, this concept can help you today.

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